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Hey there, glad you could stop by!

This is a FREE mini course I've created for you, to give you usable tips that will help you communicate with more confidence and effectivenes - right now.

Communication is such an important skill to have – I’d go as far as to say it’s one of the most crucial and powerful tools you can have under your belt.

When you learn to communicate effectively and with confidence, doors open for you, relationships improve, opportunities present themselves more frequently and you feel more empowered.

The beauty of communication is that it’s made up of teachable skills and elements and anyone can learn to improve upon how confidently and effectively they communicate. You just need to want to learn, that’s it!

Making little tweaks and changes in how we connect with other people and engage with the world can be a game changer!

I can help you make those changes. And it's completely free - what are you waiting for?!

Let’s get going....


Your Instructor

Mar Healy
Mar Healy

Hey I'm Mar, glad you're here!

I'm a Communications Coach, and I'm deeply passionate about my work. I believe so much in the transformative power of improving our communication skills, and have seen first-hand the changes that happen within people and within their lives when they learn to express themselves with confidence and authenticity.

Life is too short to be held back something that you have the power to change!

You’re not here to be anyone else, you are here to be fully, wholly, 100% you. If you are holding back in life, not doing and saying what feels right for you, allowing others opinions affect the decisions you make or letting little weaknesses in your communication skills get in your way of success – then you are selling yourself short, missing out on opportunities and giving the world a less than version of what you’re capable of.

That’s where I can help!

I’ve always been fascinated by people and their stories. As a really young child, my Mam tells me I would line up all my little toy people, chat to them about what was going on for them and try help them with their problems! After a brief stint studying Speech and Language Therapy at Trinity College Dublin, I made a 180 degree turn into Media production college and then onto the UK where I completed an honours degree in Communications. That led me to a career in television, both production and presenting which allowed me to grow and strengthen many skills that are at the heart of communication.

At the same time, I was always drawn to people development; to understanding the human mind and how we operate. Having spent 10 years or so undertaking self-study in the area, in 2013 I decided to officially train as a Life & Executive Coach, going on to set up my own coaching practice.

Now, I bring all the skills and knowledge from both of these worlds together to coach clients in the area of communications – and I love, LOVE my work!

Areas I can help with....

- Public speaking
- Presenting skills
- On camera coaching
- Assertiveness & confidence
- Networking & social communication
- Interview preparation
- Perfecting your pitch

You can work at your own pace through my self-study courses, or with me personally one-to-one. Either way, your time with me should feel relaxed and enjoyable as we work to get you to where you’d like to be. It’s deeply rewarding to guide people through the process of making small changes that can have a massive impact. I love getting to see people grow and develop into their potential – what an honour and a privilege.

Look forward to meeting you!



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